Track and control your order with the OXX go! system

Identify the location and temperature conditions of your order at all times.

OXX go! is our monitoring system which enables you to track the exact location of the batch you’ve ordered by GPS and monitor the temperature of the nitrogen tank throughout the transport.

Comprehensive control and maximum traceability to ensure optimal conditions throughout the process.

  • Traceability
  • Safety
  • Optimal transport conditions
  • Express 24-hour transport (Spain)

Transport containers approved for the transport of biological material (IATA-ICAO, ADR, RID).

  • Vapour-phase nitrogen containers (dry shippers). They offer full guarantees during the transport and handling.
  • Transport crate designed to provide additional protection for the nitrogen container during the shipment.
  • Dual anti-manipulation system in the transport crate and the nitrogen container.

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Shipping and delivery times

In OXX bank shipments are made in containers of absorbed liquid nitrogen approved for land, air or sea transport, which ensure the maintenance of the proper temperature throughout the journey. The OXX system go! allows you to track your order in real time and records the temperature of the sample throughout the journey so you can check it once received.

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