Fresh vs vitrified eggs

Egg vitrification constitutes a significant breakthrough for assisted reproduction techniques, given that, for the first time, it has enabled us to obtain comparable results for cycles with fresh and frozen oocytes.

Due to its effectiveness and consistency, egg vitrification is currently a routine technique providing excellent results, with thawing survival rates standing at over 90%..

IVF cycles with vitrified eggs are fully comparablecomparable with cycles with fresh oocytes. Optimization of the technique allows us not only to obtain viable oocytes, but also oocytes which preserve their reproductive potential.

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Therefore, the results are equivalent in terms of embryonic development (including timelapse-valued embryonic kinetics) and implantation and pregnancy rates..

There are no differences, nor a higher incidence of obstetric or post-natal complications.

During donation programmes, the use of frozen oocytes provides greater ease and flexibility.

Advantages of an egg donation cycle with vitrified oocytes:

  • TIME. Without a waiting list and the possibility of scheduling the egg donation cycle immediately.
  • • CYCLE PREPARATION. Ease of synchronisation between the cycles of donor and recipient.
  • • NUMBER OF OOCYTES.No failed injections or immature oocytes. A greater degree of control and safety in the number of oocytes available.
  • SUCCESS RATE. Comparable to cycles with fresh eggs, without any added complications.
  • • AVAILABILITY OF PHENOTYPES. Includes vitrified oocytes with rare phenotypes for immediate use.

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