Which pack should I order? How many oocytes are required?

The number of oocytes required will depend firstly on the specific characteristics and expectations from each cycle, the number of embryos to be transferred, the existence of supernumerary embryos to be frozen, culture extended to blastocyst stage, etc.

From here onwards, taking into account the rates of survival, fertilisation, embryonic development and pregnancy, the recommendation of the OXX bank team is:

Pack Basic


Includes 6 MII oocytes

For optimal quality embryo cycles for a single transfer of fresh eggs (synchronous cycle) or a transfer of frozen embryos (asynchronous cycle).

Pack Standard


Includes 9 MII oocytes

For cycles with optimal quality embryos for the transfer and the freezing (supernumerary embryos).

Pack Plus


Number of oocytes supplied on order

For cycles with culture extended to blastocyst stage.

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